Ethereal Perspective Scholarship Fund

Too often, African-American students, particularly those of low-income households, fall through the cracks of college funding. While everyone agrees that a college degree is important, and to some even necessary, for an individual to better themselves, there is a gap between opportunity and accessibility for African-American students in the Corridor of Shame. This is why our scholarship was created. The Ethereal Perspective  Scholarship Fund consists of a $500 scholarship that was created by African-American Colleton County High School alumnae with a desperate need to fulfill that gap and help provide the opportunity to fund another student's college experience.  

To be eligible for this scholarship you MUST:

  • Be and identify as Black or African-American

  • Be a Colleton County High School Senior accepted into an accredited college or university

  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA

  • Complete this scholarship form in it's entirety

In 300-850 words, tell us your thoughts on the importance of financial stability and creating/sustaining generational wealth and legacies in the African-American community. How do you plan to create financial stability, generation wealth and legacies in your life? 


Below, upload a photo of yourself with the image saved as your name (i.e JohnnyAppleseed.jpg).

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